The REALM.store concept was conceived in a college dorm room in Boston, to offer an intimate and enjoyable online shopping experience via MOOD BOARDS. Unlike other sites, every piece on a BOARD is immediately available right here at REALM. We never redirect you to third-party sites to complete your purchase.

BUT—there’s always a but—there is only one of each. Once a piece is sold, the BOARD it was on may remain but the piece will no longer be available for purchase.



A new BOARD will be unveiled every day by 2 PM US Eastern time (7 or 8 in the evening Euro time). And, each Thursday, the BOARD will be for HIM.



 We gladly offer absolutely free Personal Shopping and Gift Shopping service from our collection that has not yet been unveiled. Just click on the SHOPPING SERVICE page and go from there. We also offer PERSONALIZED GIFT CARDS.



How do we select and curate? It’s simple: we scout the market and whatever pieces make our hearts skip a beat get to be considered. At REALM, we are not blindly label-conscious but we do offer a marriage of past or current season designer bespoke pieces mixed with fast-fashion finds, all at competitive prices. Not unlike in a fine multi-brand store in Tokyo, where every piece is one-of-a-kind and the selection changes each time you visit. At REALM, you find a curated collection of new-with-tag to hard-to-find or sold-out pieces in various sizes. You can linger, but chances are that you might quickly see something that you haven’t seen anywhere else and that makes your heart, too, skip a beat.



Because we want to keep each piece completely new. Every piece is one-off and all footwear, all beauty, and the majority of clothing pieces are brand new––meaning they have never even been tried on. If you are like us, you would prefer to receive a new item instead of one that a model has worn. Additionally, shoes are mostly shipped in their original boxes, and Beauty items sealed in their original packages.



If you represent a brand and think that your product might be a good fit, feel free to submit links via CONTACT. But know that we are selective and are only interested in items that fit our aesthetic and, most importantly, cannot be found on mass e-commerce sites.